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The Fly Widow

Jan 17, 2022

"There are people out there who are waiting for you to say "I'm ready"."

Ask Tera Stidum what her life's passion and purpose are and she'll tell you she's a MOTIVATOR! As a six-time Emmy nominated TV producer, Tera has spent 22 years taking the stories of others and helping bring them to life as a TV Producer! She has worked with notable celebrities such as Dr. Phil, Suze Orman, Judge Alex Ferrer, Judge Lynn Toler, and even interviewed Steve Harvey before his final comedy performance at the 2012 Neighborhood Awards. Tera has also turned her PASSION for MOTIVATING WOMEN, into a business!

After meeting her GOOD Husband on a popular online dating site in 2015, she turned her success in love into a business which helps other singles. Through her company, She Dates Savvy, LLC—where she is affectionately known by her clients and peers as “The Online Dating Guru”—Tera hosts dating workshops and 1-on-1 Dating Coaching to teach single, successful professionals how to navigate the world of dating, both online and off. To date, four former clients have matched, mated, and married their online connections.

She also is a highly-sought after voice in her industry, having appeared on Steve Harvey’s Steve TV Talk Show and new Steve on Watch via Facebook, NPR, CBS, FOX, OWN and in the Houston Chronicle. Tera also recently released her second self-published book, Smart Girls Still Don’t Date Dumb: The Smart Girl’s Guide for Dating in an Era of Egocentric Men, Guys Who Ghost, and Social Distance Dating!

And link to the Masterclass:

Smart Girl's Guide to Digital Dating LIVE CLASS

In this episode, you can expect to hear:
-When is the best time to start your dating journey
-Why are there still good guys out there that are single?
-How to find the right person
-The different dating sites
-Tips in online dating and a lot more!

Connect with Tera @shedatessavvy

You can connect with us @dralishareed