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Your Self Care Prescription

Dec 19, 2023

“Motherhood caught me off guard, knocked me over a little bit and I had to definitely readjust my crown.” -Dr. Krystal

In this podcast episode, I am joined by Dr. Krystal Monique, a mother of twins and a doctor of occupational therapy. We discuss the importance of self-care for mothers and how it can be challenging...

Dec 4, 2023

“Taking care of yourself is still a part of you nourishing that role of being a mom. “ -Kiyann

In this episode, I am joined by Kiyann Bramlett, a woman who prioritizes self-care and empowers other women. They discuss Kiyann's journey in the beauty industry, her experiences with self-care, and how she has found ways...

Nov 20, 2023

"It's our responsibility to have to go in and make sure we understand what we're taking, what kind of quality it is and make sure it's safe." -Ashley

In this episode, I am joined by Ashley Harmon, founder of Mela Vitamins. We discuss the importance of vitamins and how they can support overall health and well-being....

Nov 6, 2023

“Listen to your body and prioritize self-care.” -Ce-ce

In this episode, I am joined by my friend Ce-ce. We discuss the importance of listening to our bodies and prioritizing self-care. Ce-ce, the owner and founder of Selfie Wellness, shares her expertise on wellness and beauty strategy. We highlight how self-care is...

Oct 23, 2023

“And from that moment on, I decided to not let anyone make me not value myself.” - Dr. Alisha Reed


Are you in need of a self-care prescription? I got you covered!

In this week's episode, we'll explore a topic that's close to my heart: using your precious PTO (Paid Time Off) not just for those unfortunate sick days...