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Your Self Care Prescription

Jul 15, 2024

“Self care is your right, not a luxury. Make it a priority and watch how your life transforms.” -Dr. Alisha Reed

Join me for another episode of your self-care prescription! Today, I am going to talk about the importance of non-toxic self-care. This self-care is about making conscious choices to avoid harmful...

Jul 1, 2024

“Starting today, I'm going to do something for self-care every single day.” -Dr. Alisha Reed

Can you believe it's already July? Time flies! Half the year is gone, so let's check in on those self-care goals.

In this week's episode, I have exciting news—one of my vision board goals became a reality! I was featured...

Jun 17, 2024

“You have to define what self-care really and truly means to you.” -Dr. Alisha Reed

In this episode, I reflect on the bittersweet nature of Father's Day since the passing of my husband. While cherishing the presence of my father and the strong bond he shares with my son, I share personal stories of our weekend...

May 27, 2024

"You've got to find you again, not the mom you, not the wife you, just you." - Dr. Alisha Reed

This is a struggle many people face, including myself.

After the loss of my husband, I found myself grappling with my identity. I was a wife and I am a mom, but I was left asking, "Who am I now?" It was a life-changing event...

May 13, 2024

“So many people are suffering in silence.” -Shanika

In this episode, I am joined by Shanika, founder of Labor and Love. Shanika Valcour-LeDuff is a Family Nurse Practitioner who focuses on Women’s Primary Care and Maternal-Child Health. She has worked in women and children’s health for over 15 years, with over...