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The Fly Widow

Jan 31, 2022

"I do have standards and I have some criteria."

In today's episode, I'm thrilled to share some life updates, my dating experience, and some words of encouragement for my fellow widows out there.

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Jan 24, 2022

"Grief is an inward feeling, and mourning is an outward expression.."


In today's episode, Alisha talks with Chase Cassine, an LCSW, licensed therapist, writer, and mental health advocate. He graduated from Southern University at New Orleans with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Social...

Jan 17, 2022

"There are people out there who are waiting for you to say "I'm ready"."

Ask Tera Stidum what her life's passion and purpose are and she'll tell you she's a MOTIVATOR! As a six-time Emmy nominated TV producer, Tera has spent 22 years taking the stories of others and helping bring them to life as a TV Producer! She has...

Jan 10, 2022

It's another Monday and in today's episode, I am still going solo and will probably be going solo on the next episodes. This year, my podcast will be focusing on self-compassion. I will be sharing with you updates about my dating life, my travels and new experiences, parenting as a widowed mom, self-care tips and a...

Jan 3, 2022

"Be nice to yourself and give yourself grace."

Happy 1st Monday of the Year! In today's episode, I am flying solo and will be sharing with you my experiences during Moe's 2nd death anniversary, Christmas and my focus this year 2022.

Never put too much pressure on yourself to be happy, give yourself a break, disconnect...