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The Fly Widow

Feb 8, 2021

“The Way you feel today, is not the way you’re going to feel forever” - Taya Dunn Johnson


This week I am joined by Taya Dunn Johnson, Author, Blogger, Speaker and new member of our Fly Widow community.


In this episode, you can expect to hear conversations about:

    •    How to recalibrate your life after losing a spouse

    •    Being unable to live in the house where your spouse passed

    •    Following your gut when healing from loss

    •    Guiding young children as a solo parent

    •    Continuing to live your life, despite being a widow

    •    Not allowing grief to bring you to your knees

    •    Dating/ Remarrying after becoming a Widow


& so much more!


If you want to share your story or want to send a message to The Fly Widow community please email us or DM us on Instagram @flywidowpodcast