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The Fly Widow

Jan 16, 2023

"The only person you need permission from is yourself." -Oludara Adeeyo

Today my guest is Oludara Adeeyo and we talked about how self care is so important on this grief journey.

Oludara Adeeyo is a psychotherapist and author of Self-Care for Black Women. She is passionate about helping people, especially Black women, improve their overall wellness. Before becoming a clinical social worker, Oludara worked as a writer and editor. She has been an associate web editor at Cosmopolitan and the managing editor at XXL. Oludara lives in Los Angeles, California. Affirmations for Black Women: A Journal is her second book.

In this episode, you can expect to hear:
-There are different types of self-care and it's not one size fit all
-Self-care for black woman
-Self-care is ultimately about being in tune with yourself
-The strong black woman
-The affirmations for black women

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