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Your Self Care Prescription

Dec 20, 2022

"I'm just gonna keep pressing on because this is what my loved ones would want me to do." -Christina Watkins

In this episode, I speak with Christina Watkins, who lost her sister on December 20th. It's the same month that my husband died, December 23rd. Today we're going to talk about how we deal with grief during this holiday season.

Christina Watkins is an award-winning journalist who is thrilled to be back home and closer to family! She was born and raised in Oviedo and returned to Central Florida in March 2022 as the Weekend Anchor for WESH 2 News Sunrise. She previously worked for WDSU News, WESH's sister station in New Orleans.

In this episode, you can expect to hear:
-How to celebrate Christmas while dealing with grief
-We have to trust God and press on regardless of the pain and hurt we feel
-The new way of living with your loved one who's no longer here
-You can't stop your life because of the tragedies and the grief
-The hardest part of the grief journey is the person that’s gone.
-And a lot more!

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