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The Fly Widow

Jun 13, 2022

"You're my everything but you're not my only thing. His absence is there, but I am not empty."

Today's guest is a fly widow, Brandi Benton. She is a widow of a widower and all too soon found herself in the same place her husband had been many years before grieving his first wife. After five years of marriage, Brandi lost her husband to complications from a heart condition and immediately found herself on a widow's journey she could have never predicted. Having an up-close and personal view of a grieving spouse, she took much of what she saw from her husband's experience and was determined to not grieve alone. She used a variety of resources and tools and normalized her grief with her friends and family by being open, honest, and transparent about what she was feeling every step of the way. Now, after more than a year since her husband's passing, Brandi is using her profession as a health educator and wellness coach to connect with other widows, share her journey and offer support to widows in order to "grieve well".

In this episode, you can expect to hear:
-Being with people is self-care
-Being a widow of a widower
-Stop grieving the future
-Pain and processing can be intimately intertwined with joy
-Grief is unique to each person but it's also unifying

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