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The Fly Widow

Feb 21, 2022

"I do firmly believe that there is more than one person out there for us."
-Rachael Braunshweiger In today's episode, I chat with Rachael Braunshweiger, a mom, blogger, lifestyle influencer, and award-winning entrepreneur. At thirty-four years old, Rachael endured the unthinkable when her husband, Jordan, was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Over the next five years, she was Jordan’s primary caregiver, traveling far and wide in search of treatments for this horrific disease. In the fall of 2019, Jordan lost his courageous battle and Rachael was forced to start over. With the need to be resilient, especially for her two young daughters, Rachael turned a profound loss into hope and made overcoming adversity her life’s mission.

During that time she realized a lot about herself and learned how strong women can be during the most difficult times. Rachael found herself very isolated, not knowing anyone else who could relate to what I was going through. She discovered the importance of self-care, self-love, and how to prioritize my emotional and physical health.

Determined to help women starting over find happiness, Rachael turned to Instagram and her successful blog, Guts & Gloss to empower others. Guts & Gloss has turned into a social community of women looking to Rachael for inspiration and hope as they navigate their “Chapter 2” in life, whether it is moving forward after the loss of a spouse, caregiver advice, or life after divorce.

One thing Rachael has always been passionate about is making time for self-care, and not feeling guilty for wanting to look and feel great even if her world is falling apart and teaching other women to do the same. Fashion, self-care, and beauty is the “Gloss” and taking life into her own hands is the “Guts” of her brand.

Just recently remarried, Rachael lives in South Florida with her husband, two daughters, 4 bonus children, and Cavapoo puppy. You can find her online shopping, doing pilates, and wearing a face mask!

In this episode you can expect to hear:
-The toughest year of widows
-Learning who you are
-Finding the purpose of your pain
-Being honest and transparent when dating
-Widow shame

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