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The Fly Widow

Nov 22, 2021

"Believing in a higher power has allowed me to keep going"

J.Nicolem Jones, the New Jersey native, is the host and producer of The Grief Bully Podcast. The podcast serves as a vehicle to help the audience navigate their grief, mental health and overall personal wellness. She is a Life Impacting Communicator and the author of the successful guided journal, "The Grief Bully". She educates people through her platforms on how to create a healthier, thriving, and manageable grief journey.

In this episode you can expect to hear:
-How communication and podcasting helps beat grief
-Being vocal is a great coping skill
-The advantage of having a support system
-How to conquer grief bully
-How to get back up after a series of loss
-And a lot more!

You can connect with us @flywithalishareed