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The Fly Widow

Nov 15, 2021

"I am in a great place because I've overcome fear"

Vioree Brandon is the picture of a renaissance woman, filled with grace, and burdened with an unmistakable call, the devoted quality leader that embodies an entrepreneurial spirit, who lives a life of faith, passion, and purpose.
An artistic visionary, author, speaker, transformational widow coach, founder of Divine Enterprise LLC, (a creative and arts-based collective that is home to several faith-based brands) Vioree is also the other half of the coaching duo, The Bounce Back Academy and hosts her own private coaching practice. She can be seen on Fox 39 Miami and The CW (WSFL-TV), as host of Widowed and Winning TV at The Connect Show. None of these accomplishments outweigh her role as a devoted wife and mother of three.
Vioree is known for her compassion and candor which allows her to meaningfully connect with clients and audiences around the world. She teaches principles and practical skills that inspire others to live with passion and purpose. She establishes a heart connection with any audience, either by boldly proclaiming her passion for the Lord or by opening up about her tragedy to triumph as a widow with three young children who have not lost sight of God's grace and faithfulness.
Her on-fire approach to living acknowledges that she is destined for greatness. From the streets of Brooklyn, NY to small towns and major cities across the globe; Vioree accomplishes this mission through authorship, speaking on stages both large and small, workshops, and more. She lives in motion, on purpose, and without apologies. With a sure call and God's hand, she has no plans on stopping.

In this episode you can expect to hear:
-Young widows need support as well
-It's okay to ask WHY? It helps with self-discovery
-Every year has different learnings
-You can't put time on grief
-How was it raising kids while dealing with grief
-Overcoming fears in a new relationship
-And a lot more!

You can connect with us @flywithalishareed