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The Fly Widow

Nov 8, 2021

"I would love to be just heard. I just need a hug"

Today I sit down with not one but two flying widows, LaCharmine (L.A) Jefferson and Tonia Wilson.

LaCharmine (L.A) Jefferson is also a Telcom professional and author of contemporary women’s fiction and creative non-fiction works. She has independently published two novels and contributed to two anthology projects and she’s the writer behind this blog site. She’s the mother of a 26 yr old daughter and 17-year-old son, grandmother to one baby girl and proud owner of a 4 yr old rescue dog, Honey.

Tonia Wilson was widowed in July 2017. She is a Telcom professional by day and a Pure Romance consultant by night. She is the mastermind behind our IG page and the tech-savvy one behind the podcast. She is the mother to a vibrant six-year-old, whom she affectionately calls Ox.

In this episode you can expect to hear:
-Seeking a therapist when struggling with grief
-Finding a support group system
-How do you grieve if you didnt say goodbye
-Widows deserve to have that final moment
-Dating as part of moving forward

You can connect with us @flywithalishareed