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The Fly Widow

Nov 1, 2021

“You CAN bounce back, and you can do it beautifully.”

Maya is an author, creative thought leader and entrepreneur renowned for her self-made #NextYou strategy, which takes a refreshingly relatable and logical approach to putting one’s life back together to create a “life you can actually LOVE, after loss.”

What sets Maya apart is her creative approach to supporting women in a niche that most people are unaware of – widowhood LIFE. She provides experience with and access to the “little known” yet crucial information needed for widows to create, curate, and financially support a new, independent, stable life after loss. Unlike other grief and loss coaches in this space, Maya has a step-by-step process that you can see, touch and implement – and in her clients as well as in her own life, she proves daily that it WORKS.

To date, Maya has been a beacon to thousands of widowed moms across the globe and has been featured in lifestyle and mental health podcasts, coaching interviews, TV spots. She is currently speaking on a National level for widows at the world renowned Camp Widow 2021 in both San Francisco, CA and in Toronto, Canada.

She lives happily with her 3 children and life partner in Southern Maryland.

In this episode, you can expect to hear:
-Life is unexpected
-What is it like to lose a husband at the age of 27
-Grief helps you grow
-How to cope with grief as a Mother
-How dating can help you move forward

You can connect with us @flywithalishareed