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The Fly Widow

Oct 11, 2021

"We have choices to make, we get to choose who we keep in our life, and who we let go."
Today we are joined by another fly widow, Shelley McKinley. She was a widow for three years, and in this episode, she talks about how she coped and what she did to regain her wings and be able to fly again.

Dr. Shelley McKinley, the mother of two sons and a career educator, was married for 20 years before becoming a widow. Leaning on her gifts of writing and teaching, she shares experiential lessons gained since becoming a widow in her new book, ‘From Wed to Widow: A Guide to Self-Care, Self-Love, and Self-Discovery.’ Shelley offers a glimpse into the emotional and day-to-day repercussions of widowhood to therapists, family members, and anyone else seeking to help a new widow. Shelley wrote ‘From Wed to Widow’ to turn her pain into purpose and help other new widows move toward healing and acceptance of their new reality.

In this episode you can expect to hear:

-Coping journey.
-Acknowledging your feelings in the first year and being proactive in the second.
-Your family are the best people to lean on while you're going through grief.
-The adjustment period.
-How to respond to other people's judgments.

Connect with Shelley @drshelleyrmckinley
Get a copy of her book: Wed To Widow

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