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The Fly Widow

Jul 12, 2021

"My focus was to heal from a lot of the pain"
-Njeri Maldonado

Today we are joined by Njeri Maldonado, she is not a widow but at an early age, she already experienced grief from a relationship with her mother. Njeri Maldonado is a New Orleans, Louisiana native who loves to spend time with good friends and family while eating good food. She has practiced law for nearly fifteen years and currently serves as a judge. Njeri lives in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area with her husband Ramon and their four children; three of whom are in college. In addition to writing, Njeri spends her free time volunteering and mentoring youth.

Njeri authored Mama Didn't Raise This Woman to share her story with other motherless children as encouragement for them to recognize their greatness despite their circumstances. Njeri also hopes to reach the aunts, older sisters, grandmothers, and mothers of family friends who could positively impact the lives of those who do not experience the natural love we all expect from our mothers.

In this episode you can expect to hear:
- Grieving from a relationship and loss are different things.
- How growing up without a mother affects a person's life.
- Being open to our kids about what we've been through can bring them closer to us.
- Forgiving others and forgiving yourself.
- Being who you are.

Connect with Njeri

You can connect with us @flywithalishareed