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The Fly Widow

May 17, 2021

" Sharing your story is culturally breaking generational curses."

-Brittany Jean-Louis


This week we are joined by a Fly Widow who not only lost her husband just days from the loss of Alisha's husband, but she had shortly before lost both of her parents and she is still FLYING.

As a therapist Brittany had to choose self care before helping others with her grief. 

In this episode you can expect to hear:

-What do you do when you are grieving but you have to help others with their grief?

-Alisha and Britanny also dive into SELF CARE, and not the commercial #SelfCare.

-What do you do with your spouses clothes and belongings after they pass and when?

-Why Brittany could not turn off her husbands phone like until recently.

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