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The Fly Widow

Sep 20, 2021

"We're strong because we have to be and it's a choice"

Today we are joined by Petra Gordon, a fly widow who views grief and loss through a unique lens and perspective. She expresses her grief by writing and assisting others in navigating widowhood.

Petra Gordon is a graduate of the University of Waterloo, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Development Studies, and a Bachelor of Social Work Degree. After serving her community for thirteen years in the social services sector, Petra now serves her community as an entrepreneur, educator, speaker, widow support coach, and community leader. She is the author of Faith in the Fire: A Story of Resilience. Petra currently resides in Ontario, Canada.

In this episode you can expect to hear:
- How a widow should live her life.
- The process of moving on.
- Understanding your purpose.
- People's preconceptions of people who are actively coping with grief.
- Check in with your strong friends; they may require your support.

Connect with Petra

You can connect with us @flywithalishareed